• Prevent mold growth
  • Suitable for humid areas
  • High durability
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The water-based paint prevents against mould growth: Penicillium glaucum, Chaetomium globosum, Aspergilus niger, Alternaria tenuis, Aureobasidium pullutans, Scletophona pityophila. It also counteracts: fungi, yeasts, algae and bacteria. It has exceptional opacity, permeability, and durability with whiteness 91 %. It uses for fungicidal painting on: plasters, concrete, drywalls, cement boards in interior. Wet abrasion resistance class 5 (CSN EN ISO 11998, classification EN 13300)
Follow the rules for safe use of the product. Read carefully text on label and added information before use.


Treat places with mould by REMAL SANAL V 1405 and scrape them. Smooth all loose, defective paint and thick coatings. Wash the surface to remove dirt, grease and dusty residue. Defects and cracks fill by REMAL SPATULA, acrylic putty uses for bigger one. Dirty spots cover by REMAL STAIN-STOP. The surface, especially absorbent and dusting, penetrates by REMAL, BARLET and SOICRAT penetrating primers. It is easy to paint on dry and smooth surfaces. Temperature of the surface must be above 5 °C.


Add max 0.4 L (40 %) of water to 1 kg of the paint for 1st coat and mix properly. 2nd coat with additional max 0.3 L (30 %) of water to 1 kg of the paint. It applies by brush, roller or spray. Following coats apply when the surface dries thoroughly.


The paint can be tinted by colour pastes: REMAKOL V 3502, REMAL V 3500P.

COVERAGE till 13 m2 per kg.


Up to 13 m2/1 kg of thinned paint for one coat

Způsob nanášení

  • malířská štětka
  • malířský váleček
  • stříkání (včetně AIRLESS)

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