• Covers stains, trippnig water and smoke
  • High opacity
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The water-based primer covers and isolates stains (smoke, nicotine, leaking water, crayons, coffee and grease) in interior and exterior. It prevents the migration of stains through the finish paint film. It is easy to recoat by interior paints.


Smooth all loose, defective paint and thick coatings. Wash the surface to remove dirt, grease and dusty residue. Defects and cracks fill by REMAL SPATULA, acrylic putty uses for bigger one. Dirty spots cover by REMAL STAIN-STOP. The surface, especially absorbent and dusting, penetrates by REMAL, BARLET and SOICRAT penetrating primers. It is easy to paint on dry and smooth surfaces. Temperature of the surface is 10-25 °C.


Apply 1-2 coats by brush or roller. Thin by water max 10 % (thinning lower isolation). It dries 2 – 4 hours between coats at 20 °C (lower temperature and high humidity, slower drying). Apply 2 coats by interior paint REMAL when dries.



Up to 8 m2/kg in one coat

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  • štětec
  • malířská štětka
  • malířský váleček

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