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  • Singlecoat
  • Thixotropic
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Solvent-based single coat uses for metal for attractive appearance, especially: gates, fences and other metalworks, both exterior and interior. It can be used for non-metal surfaces as concrete and wood after previous penetration. The paint is thixotropic and doesn´t run from vertical surfaces.


The surface has to be clean, dry and free of grease, rust and dust. Degrease by technical benzene P 6402, acetone P 6401 or hot water with detergent. Salt residue rinse with water. Defective or poorly adhering impurities remove by grinding or scraping, thoroughly remove rust (metal brush, grindstone, rust remover). Rust remover rinse by water.
Porous materials impregnate for uniform absorbency of the surface.
Previously painted surfaces clean, degrease and remove all poorly adhering old coats to the solid surface when renovate. Verify compatibility between old paint and new one. Perform a test on the area 1 m<sup>2</sup>.

THINNER S 6005 for cleaning tools


The paint doesn´t thin for airless spraying and brush applications, slightly mix volume.
Airless: Apply 1 coat of HOSTAGRUND  S2160 with dry film thickness 100 µm.
Conventional spraying or brush: Apply 1-2 coats of HOSTAGRUND S 2160 with total dry film thickness 100 µm. Other coat applies after 4 hours in case of need, at the latest 24 hours.



4,5 m²/l in one coat

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  • štětec
  • stříkání (včetně AIRLESS)

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